Flood in Pakistan – A new problem for Pakistani’s

Well we all are aware of what damage has the flood caused to Pakistan. People lost their homes, many got killed and those who survived are living a life where they don’t even have the basic necessities with them. This is currently the biggest problem for Pakistan.

Government have become active and is providing relief funds and sending troops to help save the victims. We see on news channels that volunteers, government officials and military forces are fighting from flood and doing efforts to save the people and we feel satisfied that they all are at least doing something. But this is not satisfactory. The actual thing which the government needed to do was to take actions before time. The Disaster Management Department must always be ready to fight against such problems and the updated weather report of all the regions in Pakistan must be obtained before time. I have seen the Disaster Management Department doing nothing and I have seen inaccurate weather forecast reports. A country which does not plan its future and do not put efforts to handle such natural disasters can never move towards prosperity.

Still not much is done. The government officials let everything happen because they want a reason to get UN aid. With UN aid they just increase their personal security and make the money a victim of corruption ad other such activities. No steps are taken forward to fight such problems in future and everyone just promises that they will soon improve the situation of the country.

What I feel is that it is not the fault of the government or any other person. It is we who let all this happen. We select the people and make them our leader despite knowing that he is involved in several cases. What we need to do is to improve our selves at individual level and do a collective effort to make our country a better place. We cry and sit in dialogues with Indian that they are stopping our water but what we are doing we can’t even build a dam to store all the flood water. According to a report the total flood water was enough to cater Pakistan’s water need for the next three to four year but what we did is to let go all the water wasted.

There is no end to Pakistan problems as they are increasing in number day by day. What we need to do is to solve them all by our own efforts. We are more than 16o million in number, if we contribute even a single Rupee to help our victim brothers and sisters it could make a huge difference. So, lets join hands and do whatever we can do to solve Pakistan problems.

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Movies – A life style of every Pakistani

No doubt political and economic problems in Pakistan are severe as compared to other developing nations but in Pakistan problems start at individual level. As the title of this post tells that movies are a life style of every Pakistani. It is not something good but a problem for Pakistan.

How could movies be a life style of a Pakistani. Well to its explanation let me give you some examples. The very first example I would like to give you is about a person crossing a road. Whoever he is or to whichever class he belongs he crosses the road like a hero. Yes, “Hero” of a movie. You might have seen actors like Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham and Tom Cruise crossing roads in style. Fast moving cars are passing by and are unable to even touch them. The wind is blowing there hair and everything is in slow motion. That is how a Pakistani crosses a road. By watching movies they have started behaving like actors and they think everything will happen like what happens in the movies and they are not going to get hit by a car.

Not only the pedestrians but those driving vehicles (especially the younger generation) also drive in a special style holding the steering with one hand, neck a bit tilted and a mobile phone in the other hand. They think they are Hrithik Roshan or Vin Desel while driving a car.

The story doesn’t end here. Just take two minutes and start observing everyone around you. Your office colleagues, your class fellows, your brothers, sisters and other people around you, they all have an actor living in them and movies are their life style. They like to behave like actors, they want to dress up like them and they all have big dreams.

I don’t think they read the instructions at the start of a movie that all the actions are fictitious and do not try this because they are always practicing each and everything one way or other. Whatever we say but we need to admit that Pakistani’s are excellent in learning. They get into the movie characters very quickly that one cannot believe it. But what if we put all this effort at something productive.

We are a great nation and what we need to do is to lead a life style of our own and not that of movie actors. Try to get something positive out of every movie you watch. Work hard, make your self a better person, do something excellent in life which could make you, your parents and your country proud. Can you think of some other similar examples or I might call them problems with the life style of a Pakistani associated to movies?

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